HADRA Planning Table

Updated 24/07/2021 at 07:21

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Ref Status Building Street Narrative Notes
21/01473/FUL Pending Decision
Brighton Road
Demolition of existing two storey house and detached garage and erection of a four storey building to provide 9 units with associated new vehicular access, car parking, cycle/refuse storage and soft/hard landscaping Consultation ended 16/06/2021, Comments updated 15-0-0, Documents 39, Decision deadline 30/06/2021, Road, Map
Decided Granted
Byron Avenue
Erection of an outbuilding in the rear garden. Documents 7, Road, Map
21/01657/HSE Pending Decision
Byron Avenue
Alterations, erection of a single storey ground floor wrap around rear and side extension Consultation ended 22/07/2021, Documents 9, Decision deadline 17/08/2021, Road, Map
20/06000/DISC Pending Decision
1 & 2
Coulsdon Court Road
Discharge of Condition 2 (Materials), Condition 6 (Construction Logistics Plan), Condition 11 (Badger Survey), Condition 12 (Biodiversity Enhancement Plan) attached to planning permission 20/00581/FUL. Documents 5, Decision deadline 14/01/2021, Road, Map
18/05835/LP Pending Decision
Coulsdon Court Road
Retention of raised patio Documents 3, Decision deadline 29/03/2021, Road, Map
21/02876/FUL Pending Decision
Coulsdon Court Road
Demolition of existing building; erection of a terrace of 6 three/four bedroom houses of two-storeys with roofspace accommodation; provision of 6 car parking spaces and refuse storage structures. Consultation ended 11/07/2021, Comments updated 16-0-0, Documents 15, Decision deadline 27/07/2021, Road, Map
21/02183/FUL Pending Decision
Coulsdon Court Road
Subdivision of existing rear garden, erection of a two-storey detached dwellinghouse with habitable roofspace. Consultation ended 11/06/2021, Comments 3-0-1, Documents 4, Decision deadline 24/06/2021, Road, Map
20/03566/HSE Pending Decision
Coulsdon Road
Proposed partial demolition of existing detached Garage; and extension and conversion of the existing detached garage to create a new annex associated with the existing dwelling house.
Consultation ended 12/09/2020, Comments 3-0-0, Document # changed 6, Decision deadline 05/10/2020, Road, Map
20/06074/DISC Pending Decision
Coulsdon Road
Discharge of Condition 5 (Landscaping), 6 (Cycle and Refuse), 7 (Communal/Play Space), 10 (Tree Protection), 16 (SUDS), 17 (Soft/Hard Landscaping, boundary treatments etc.) attached to planning permission 19/03003/FUL. Comments 1-0-0, Documents 3, Decision deadline 18/01/2021, Road, Map
21/03058/TRE Pending Decision
Coulsdon Road
Yew Tree (T2) - To reduce mature Yew tree located on the left hand front boundary by 2.0m over the neighbouring garden only to reduce encroachment over the neighbours garden. (TPO 3, 1980) Documents 2, Decision deadline 10/08/2021, Road, Map
20/06342/FUL Decided Refused / Pending Appeal
Hartley Down
Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of a three storey building with accomodation within the basement and within the roof area comprising of 9 flats. Parking for 7 cars, cycle storage. Alterations to access, hard and soft landscaping arrangements. Comments 33-0-0, Documents 66, Decision deadline 02/02/2021, Road, Map
21/00407/DISC Pending Decision
Hartley Down
Discharge of conditions 2 (materials), 4 (CLP) and partial discharge of condition 10 (parts 1, 2 and 3) attached to planning permission ref. 18/03430/FUL. (Erection of a two storey four bedroom detached house with internal garage, including associated landscaping and formation of vehicular access onto Hartley Down). Documents 6, Decision deadline 26/03/2021, Road, Map
20/04128/FUL Pending Decision
Hartley Down
sDemolition of the existing dwelling and erection of a three storey building containing 7 flats.
Consultation ended 26/02/2021, Comments 22-0-0, Document # changed 63, Decision deadline 06/11/2020, Road, Map
Decided Granted
Hartley Down
Excavation at lower ground level to facilitate additional living space within 2-storey rear extension and garden terrace area. Documents 5, Road, Map
21/01496/DISC Pending Decision
Hartley Down
Discharge of conditions 2 (external facing materials), 3 (hard/soft landscaping), 4 (construction logistics plan), 13 (tree protection plan) attached to planning permission 19/00126/FUL for the erection of two storey detached dwellinghouse with new vehicular access off Coulsdon Road and parking area with turntable Comments 1-0-0, Documents 17, Decision deadline 16/08/2021, Road, Map
21/02944/DISC Pending Decision
Development Site Former Site Of Crakell End
Hartley Down
Discharge of Condition 3 (landscaping) of planning permission 19/03689/FUL (Demolition of existing detached bungalow and garage. Erection of two pairs of semi-detached dwellings (4 dwellings in total) with car parking, refuse and recycling store, soft landscaping and new vehicular access)
Document # changed 4, Decision deadline 04/08/2021, Road, Map
Decided Refused / Appeal Allowed
Hartley Hill
Erection of a single storey rear / side extension and internal alterations. Documents 14, Road, Map
L5240/D/21/ 3271644
Decided Allowed
Hartley Hill
proposed single storey rear / side extension and internal alterations Appeal, Documents 1, Road, Map
21/02177/GPDO Decided Lawful-Accepted
Hartley Hill
Erection of a single storey rear extension projecting out 6 metres from the rear wall of the original house with a height to the eaves of 2.11 metres and a maximum height of 2.7 metres Documents 17, Road, Map
20/03931/FUL Decided Refused / Pending Appeal
Hartley Hill
Alterations, erection of a two storey side and rear extension, single storey side extensions, alterations to the main ridge and erection of two rear dormers, conversion to form 5 No. self-contained flats; 1 x 3-bed, 1 x 2-bed and 3 x 1-bed, with associated cycle and refuse stores, alterations to existing vehicular access and provision of associated car parking. Comments 62-0-0, Documents 16, Decision deadline 27/10/2020, Road, Map
21/00960/FUL Pending Decision
Haydn Avenue
Alterations including part change of use of the site to an outdoor nursery (use class D1), including the erection of three temporary outbuildings to the rear of the site. Consultation ended 22/04/2021, Comments 1-1-10, Documents 7, Decision deadline 12/05/2021, Road, Map
19/05346/FUL Pending Decision
Haydn Avenue
Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of a three/four storey building and a two storey building at the rear comprising a total of 19 residential units with associated parking and landscaping and other works Consultation ended 28/02/2020, Comments 98-0-0, Documents 31, Decision deadline 06/05/2020, Road, Map
21/02996/FUL Pending Decision
Haydn Avenue
Erection of a terrace of 6 no. three bed dwellings to the rear of the existing property; demolition of a single storey side extension to the existing property; new vehicular and pedestrian access to the rear; associated parking and hard and soft landscaping Consultation ended 09/07/2021, Comments updated 28-0-1, Documents 37, Decision deadline 30/07/2021, Road, Map
19/04919/FUL Decided Refused / Pending Appeal
Haydn Avenue
Demolition of the existing dwelling house and erection of a three storey building comprising 8 no. self contained apartments, provision of 4 parking spaces, cycle and refuse stores with associated external works including excavation and lightwells Comments 51-0-0, Documents 36, Committee date 08/10/2020, Decision deadline 12/02/2020, Road, Map
21/01547/DISC Pending Decision
East Cliff House 5
Highland Road
Discharge of condition numbers 4 (landscaping), 5 (child's playspace), 8 (privacy screens), 10 (cycle storage) and 12 (EVCP) attached to planning permission ref. 19/03074/FUL (Demolition of existing detached house and detached garage and replacement with 9 new appartments in a single block with parking to the front). Comments 21-0-0, Documents 12, Decision deadline 20/05/2021, Outside of main area, Map
21/01928/CONR Pending Decision
Old Lodge Lane (Purley)
Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) attached to planning application 20/03940/CONR for Variation of Condition 2 (plans), 3 (CLP), 4 (landscaping), 5 (various) and 6 (balcony) of Planning Permission 19/02561/FUL granted for Alterations. Erection of a single/two storey side/rear extension including accommodation within roof space. Conversion to form 1x one bedroom, 2x two bedroom and 2x three .... Consultation ended 27/05/2021, Documents 2, Decision deadline 23/06/2021, Road, Map
21/00954/FUL Pending Decision
Old Lodge Lane (Purley)
Demolition of existing detached house and replacement with a new development of 9 flats over 3 floors with 8 parking spaces. Consultation ended 09/04/2021, Comments updated 24-0-2, Documents 18, Decision deadline 22/04/2021, Road, Map
21/01898/TRE Pending Decision
Reedham Drive
T1 Sycamore - Fell to ground & plant replacement tree (Decay at base and roots (see pics) T2 Yew - Reduce & shape crown by maximum 1m up to 25mm max cut size (TPO no.47, 1979) Documents 2, Decision deadline 07/07/2021, Road, Map
21/03094/HSE Pending Decision
Stoats Nest Road
Alterations, erection of a single storey side and rear extension, roof extension, rear dormer and front window in roof. Consultation ended 23/07/2021, Documents 6, Decision deadline 06/08/2021, Road, Map
21/03378/HSE Pending Decision
Stoats Nest Road
Alterations, erection of roof extension and conversion of the existing detached garage to create a new annex associated with the existing dwelling. Consultation ended 22/07/2021, Comments 1-0-0, Documents 4, Decision deadline 20/08/2021, Road, Map
21/03318/LP Pending Decision
Stoats Nest Road
Certificate of Lawfulness (Proposed) is sought for loft conversion including a rear dormer and 1x front roof light to front roof slope. Documents 4, Decision deadline 16/08/2021, Road, Map
21/03319/HSE Pending Decision
Stoats Nest Road
Erection of Single storey rear extension Consultation ends 25/07/2021, Documents 4, Decision deadline 16/08/2021, Road, Map
Stoats Nest Road
Erection of rear roof extension and two rooflights within front roofslope Documents 4, Decision deadline 24/08/2021, Road, Map