HADRA Planning Table

Updated 18/05/2024 at 09:04

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Ref Status Building Street Narrative Notes
Brighton Road
Erection of single storey outbuilding in the rear garden. Consultation ends 06/06/2024, Documents 3, Decision deadline 08/07/2024, Road, Map
Pending Decision
Acorn House 130A
Brighton Road
Replacement of external cladding to the front and side elevations for reasons of Fire Safety. Consultation ends 30/05/2024, Documents 13, Decision deadline 02/07/2024, Road, Map
Pending Decision
Hartley Down
Alterations and conversion including erection of single/two storey side/rear extension with dormer extensions in rear roof slope and rooflights at front, patio and steps down to rear garden, and associated bin and bike storage to form 1 x 4-bedroom and 1 x 2-bedroom houses (amendment to application ref. 22/02083/FUL) Consultation ends 30/05/2024, Comments updated 1-0-0, Documents 9, Decision deadline 28/06/2024, Road, Map
Decided Granted
Hartley Hill
Application to discharge conditions 2 (privacy screens), 3 (Planning Fire Safety Strategy) and 4 (installation of water butt) of planning reference 23/04091/HSE for the extension of existing conservatory, extension of existing balcony, extension and alterations to existing lower ground storage area - retrospective application Documents 10, Road, Map
Pending Decision
Hartley Old Road
Loft conversion including the erection of two dormers to the front roofslope and enlargement of existing two storey front projection, and erection of a dormer to the rear roofslope. Consultation ends 06/06/2024, Documents 4, Decision deadline 12/06/2024, Road, Map
24/00943/DISC Pending Decision
Land Development Site Former Site Of 11
Hartley Old Road
Discharge of condition 6 (landscaping) attached to planning permission 20/05200/FUL for the demolition of single-family dwellinghouse and erection of 1x three-storey block containing 3x 2-bedroom flats and 4x 3-bedroom flats and 2x 4-bedroom semi detached houses with associated access, car parking, cycle and refuse storage. Documents 20, Decision deadline 10/05/2024, Road, Map
23/04771/FUL Pending Decision
Haydn Avenue
Erection of 2 no. three bed semi-detached dwellinghouses and 2 no. two bed semi-detached dwellinghouses (following demolition of existing garage and side extension). Associated access driveway, parking, and hard and soft landscaping. Consultation ended 09/02/2024, Comments 40-0-0, Documents 42, Decision deadline 21/02/2024, Road, Map
24/01312/PA8 Pending Decision
Transmiter Mast O/S St Barnabas Church
Higher Drive
Removal of 1no existing 8m monopole with 1no existing trisector antenna, 2no existing equipment cabinets to be replaced with 1no new 20m monopole with 9no new antennas, 1no new wraparound cabinet, 2no new equipment cabinets, and 1no new GPS node with associated ancillary works thereto. Consultation ends 30/05/2024, Documents 11, Decision deadline 17/06/2024, Road, Map
Decided Granted
Old Lodge Lane (Purley)
Erection of a single storey rear extension. Documents 8, Road, Map
23/03993/HSE Decided Refused / Pending Appeal
Old Lodge Lane (Purley)
Conversion and extension of outbuilding in rear garden into annex, roof extension with accommodation within the roof space. Documents 15, Decision deadline 18/12/2023, Road, Map
L5240/D/24/ 3343195
Old Lodge Lane (Purley)
<Not provided> Appeal, Road, Map
24/01440/TRE Pending Decision
Reedham Drive
T1, Holm Oak - To re-pollard (TPO no. 47, 1979) Documents 3, Decision deadline 24/06/2024, Road, Map
Decided Objection
Stoats Nest Road
Removal of existing 9.7m monopole and 2no existing cabinets. Installation of 1x 19m monopole accommodating new antennas, a wrap-around cabinet, 2x other cabinets and associated ancillary works thereto.
Narrative updated, Comments updated 1-0-0, Document # changed 4, Road, Map
Decided Granted
Stoats Nest Village
Erection of part single, part double storey rear extension. Alterations include installation of one rooflight on front roof slope.