HADRA Planning Table

Updated 01/12/2023 at 21:33

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Ref Status Building Street Narrative Notes
Decided Granted
Development Site At 24
Coulsdon Court Road
Discharge of condition numbers 7 (cycle and refuse storage), 8 (bulky waste), 9 (electric charging points) and 10 (visibility splays) attached to planning permission ref. 21/02876/FUL (Demolition of existing building, erection of a terrace of 6 three/four bedroom houses of two-storeys with roofspace accommodation, provision of 6 car parking spaces and refuse storage structures). Documents 7, Road, Map
23/02508/HSE Pending Decision
Coulsdon Court Road
Alterations, erection of two storey side extensions, front extension (including porch and balcony), erection of dormer extensions on the front roof slope and three storey rear extension (with accommodation within the roof) Consultation ended 02/08/2023, Comments 3-0-0, Documents 14, Decision deadline 22/08/2023, Road, Map
23/00348/FUL Decided Refused / Pending Appeal
Coulsdon Road
Subdivision of existing detached dwellinghouse into two semi-detached three-storey dwellinghouses. Erection of a three-storey front extension. Erection of a single-storey rear extension. Erection of 2x rear dormer roof extensions. Erection of 2x dormer windows to front roof slope. Alterations to external elevations.
Comments 5-0-2, Document # changed 14, Decision deadline 24/03/2023, Road, Map
L5240/W/23/ 3325031 Pending Decision
Coulsdon Road
<Not provided> Appeal, Consultation ended 01/12/2023, Road, Map
23/03275/HSE Decided Granted
Coulsdon Road
Alterations, erection of single/two storey front/side and single storey rear extension, and loft conversion including enlargement of the main roof to the rear. Documents 12, Road, Map
23/00442/HSE Decided Refused / Pending Appeal
Hartley Down
Enlargement of the existing rear dormer to the main roof including recessed balcony. Comments 5-0-0, Documents 8, Decision deadline 12/06/2023, Road, Map
L5240/D/23/ 3330234 Pending Decision
Hartley Down
<Not provided> Appeal, Road, Map
22/02083/FUL Pending Decision
Hartley Down
Alterations and conversion including erection of single/two storey side/rear extension with dormer extensions in rear roof slope and rooflights at front, and steps down from first floor to rear garden and associated bin and bike storage to form 1 x 3-bedroom and 1 x 2-bedroom houses. AMENDED DRAWINGS AND DESCRIPTION Consultation ended 14/07/2023, Comments 13-0-0, Documents 26, Decision deadline 13/02/2023, Road, Map
23/04091/HSE Pending Decision
Hartley Hill
Extension of existing conservatory, extension of existing balcony, extension and alterations to existing lower ground storage area - retrospective application Consultation ended 24/11/2023, Comments 1-0-0, Documents 9, Decision deadline 25/12/2023, Road, Map
23/03205/DISC Decided Granted
Hartley Hill
Discharge of condition numbers 3 (Construction Logistics Plan) and 4 (Tree Protection) attached to planning permission ref. 21/04630/FUL. (Construction of a detached dwelling with off road parking and front and rear outside amenity spaces). Documents 27, Road, Map
23/02873/DISC Pending Decision
Land Development Site Former Site Of 11
Hartley Old Road
Discharge of conditions 5 (Materials), 7 (SUDS), and 8 (EVCP) attached to planning permission 20/05200/FUL for the demolition of single-family dwellinghouse and erection of 1x three-storey block containing 3x 2-bedroom flats and 4x 3-bedroom flats and 2x 4-bedroom semi detached houses with associated access, car parking, cycle and refuse storage. Documents 17, Decision deadline 18/09/2023, Road, Map
22/02845/FUL Decided Refused / Pending Appeal
Haydn Avenue
Erection of a four bedroom detached house facilitated by the demolition of the existing detached garage Comments 9-2-0, Documents 15, Decision deadline 30/09/2022, Road, Map
L5240/W/23/ 3323365 Pending Decision
Haydn Avenue
<Not provided> Appeal, Consultation ended 26/10/2023, Road, Map
23/04129/FUL Pending Decision
Old Lodge Lane (Purley)
Erection of single-storey rear extension, outbuilding to rear, replace front roller shutters with glazed openings and alterations to openings. Consultation ends 07/12/2023, Documents 5, Decision deadline 26/12/2023, Road, Map
23/03993/HSE Pending Decision
Old Lodge Lane (Purley)
Conversion and extension of outbuilding in rear garden into annex, roof extension with accommodation within the roof space. Consultation ended 24/11/2023, Documents 11, Decision deadline 18/12/2023, Road, Map
23/03742/HSE Pending Decision
Stoats Nest Road
Installation of dropped kerb and vehicle crossover, car parking provision in the front garden and associated works. Consultation ended 08/11/2023, Comments 1-0-0, Documents 5, Decision deadline 06/12/2023, Road, Map
23/04324/GPDO Pending Decision
Stoats Nest Village
Erection of single storey rear extension projecting out 5 metres with a maximum height of 3 metres Consultation ends 10/12/2023, Documents 5, Decision deadline 12/01/2024, Road, Map