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Ref Status Building Street Narrative Notes
21/05745/FUL Pending Decision
Aveling Close
Alterations to include alterations to land levels, provision of steps at front, erection of an attached two storey dwellinghouse with associated refuse and cycle provision and landscaping. Decision deadline 06/05/2022, Map
Aveling Close
Erection of single storey rear extension Decision deadline 04/07/2022, Map
19/01693/HSE Decided Granted
Aveling Close
Alterations, proposed single storey front extension Map
19/04198/TRE Decided Granted
Aveling Close
(T1) Oak - To reduce branches on the mature Oak tree situated in the land to the right hand side, that are overhanging the garden/house by 1.5m (back to previous reduction points). All branches will be pruned to appropriate growth points. (T2) Ash - To reduce lowest limb on mature Ash situated in the land to the right hand side, by 1.0m over the garden only. (TPO no. 30, 1979) Map