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Road Names Guide


The Roads page provides a list of all the roads that are being monitored. The following may be useful.

Road Names Table

The table works like other tables on the website. If you want to just scan through the list of planning applications, then you can either:

  • Key part of a road name into the search box to quickly find a specific road.
  • The Road Name is provided on the left - it may be accompanied with other ways the name is expressed.
  • The count column shows the number of planning application that are being tracked for each road. This includes the current applications and up to 5 years of historical applications.
  • If there are active or historical planning applications for the road the road it is possible to click the road name to display those applications.
  • The count column can be sorted to show which roads receiving the most development.
  • The level of historical applications that are accessible for each road is dependent upon the service level. Gold provides 3 years and Gold+ provides 5 years. See the About web page to understand which service level is being provided.

If your display is not showing the Search or Show Entries boxes, then it is possible that you need to update your browser software. You can also try a different browser.



Below the Road Name Table

Below the Road Name table some useful information is provided.

  • This show the total number of planning applications that are being reported. This includes up to 5 years of historical applications.
  • A link is provided that will display ALL the planning applications in one table. This is often a very large table and it is the search functions are very usful. It is useful for quickly checking or searching for types of application. (Eg. /GPDO, Appeals or /FUL applications.
  • Counts are also shown showing the total number of roads and postcodes that are being monitored.