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Updated 16/01/2021 at 08:53

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Ref Status Building Street Narrative Notes
20/05677/LE Pending Decision
Bridle Road
Outbuilding to be used as an Annex for a family member Documents 5, Decision deadline 28/12/2020, Road, Map
20/01221/FUL Decided Refused / Pending Appeal
Bridle Road
Erection of a 2-bedroom house with parking and associated external alterations Comments 4-0-0, Documents 13, Decision deadline 08/05/2020, Road, Map
L5240/W/20/ 3259800 Pending Decision
Bridle Road
Erection of a 2-bedroom house with parking and associated external alterations Appeal, Consultation ended 06/01/2021, Road, Map
20/06216/FUL Pending Decision
Bridle Road
Proposed two storey side extension to form an end of terrace one bedroom dwelling with private amenity space and associated landscaping Proposed new dwelling and associated landscaping and parking. Consultation ended 27/12/2020, Documents 8, Decision deadline 26/01/2021, Road, Map
Bushey Road
Single storey rear extension , first floor side extension, loft conversion and roof dormer construction.
Consultation ends 06/02/2021, Document # changed 10, Decision deadline 09/03/2021, Road, Map
20/06243/HSE Pending Decision
Colin Close
Alterations, erection of single/two storey front/side and single storey rear extension Consultation ended 27/12/2020, Comments 1-0-0, Documents 4, Decision deadline 27/01/2021, Road, Map
20/05978/HSE Decided Refused
Devonshire Way
Proposed two storey side and single storey rear extension, loft conversion including rear dormer. Single storey outbuilding in the rear garden. Comments 17-0-0, Documents 12, Road, Map
Decided Granted
18 Stuart Crescent Croydon
Ferris Avenue
Proposed single/two storey side extension with dormer window to the front, internal alterations and associated works.
Decided No Objection
Gorse Road
Removal and replacement of 6no existing antennas, internal upgrade of existing equipment cabin and associated ancillary works thereto.
Narrative updated, Document # changed 4, Outside of main area, Map
20/06027/HSE Pending Decision
Greenway Gardens
Alterations, erection of a first floor rear and side extension Consultation ended 10/01/2021, Documents 3, Decision deadline 11/02/2021, Road, Map
20/05879/HSE Pending Decision
Hartland Way
Erection of a two storey side/rear extension and a single storey rear extension
Consultation ends 30/01/2021, Narrative updated, Comments 1-0-0, Document # changed 6, Decision deadline 12/01/2021, Road, Map
Inwood Close
Demolition of existing garage and store, and addition of a single-storey side extension to existing semi-detached dwelling. Consultation ends 31/01/2021, Comments updated 0-0-1, Documents 4, Decision deadline 04/03/2021, Road, Map
20/06122/HSE Pending Decision
Langland Gardens
Demolition of existing garage, alterations and erection of single storey side/rear extension include garage/storage area Consultation ended 06/01/2021, Documents 9, Decision deadline 08/02/2021, Road, Map
20/03843/HSE Pending Decision
Links View Road
Retrospective application for a single-storey outbuilding in the rear garden. Consultation ended 27/09/2020, Comments 9-0-3, Documents 4, Decision deadline 29/10/2020, Road, Map
Mead Way
Demolition of existing rear extension and garage and installation of new rear and flank extensions. Consultation ends 07/02/2021, Documents 8, Decision deadline 24/02/2021, Road, Map
Decided Granted
Oak Avenue
Part single; part two storey front, side and rear extention and external alterations (following demolition of existing garage).
Oaks Road
Loft conversion with hip to gable extensions and rear dormer windows. Documents 5, Decision deadline 17/02/2021, Road, Map
20/06219/HSE Pending Decision
Oaks Road
Construction of a single storey side extension. Consultation ended 25/12/2020, Documents 3, Decision deadline 26/01/2021, Road, Map
Oaks Road
Alterations to front elevation side elevation and erection of store to side elevation
Consultation ends 05/02/2021, Document # changed 5, Decision deadline 10/02/2021, Road, Map
20/06141/HSE Pending Decision
Palace View
Alterations, erection of ground floor single storey side extension and dormer along the first floor side elevation Consultation ended 31/12/2020, Comments 0-1-0, Documents 8, Decision deadline 25/01/2021, Road, Map
20/02555/LP Pending Decision
The Windmill
Postmill Close
Replacement of broken fantail with replica. Documents 2, Decision deadline 12/08/2020, Road, Map
20/03943/HSE Pending Decision
Shirley Church Road
Erection of a front canopy, pillars, balcony and insertion of a window in the front gable. Consultation ended 15/11/2020, Comments 1-0-0, Documents 12, Decision deadline 17/12/2020, Road, Map
20/03279/FUL Pending Decision
Shirley Church Road
Alterations, erection of ground floor extension, erection of first floor side extension and roof extensions incorporating gable at front and roof extension altering the pitch of the roof adjacent to no. 139, erection of two storey rear extension and dormer extension on rear roof slope, conversion of existing house to form 4no self contained units and accommodation within the roof space, integral bin and cycle stores and provision of 2 parking spaces Consultation ended 19/09/2020, Comments 55-0-38, Documents 12, Decision deadline 21/10/2020, Road, Map
19/06057/FUL Pending Decision
Shirley Church Road
Demolition of existing building; erection of two storey block of 8 flats with accommodation in roof space; provision of new vehicle access to frontage, provision of 7 car parking spaces and new landscaping to front and rear of site. Consultation ended 13/03/2020, Comments 15-0-0, Documents 23, Decision deadline 26/03/2020, Road, Map
20/03800/FUL Pending Decision
The Lees
Erection of two storey detached dwelling house on land to the rear of No. 1 The Lees, including new vehicular access and crossover from Bennetts Way, off-street parking, landscaping and all associated site works Consultation ended 18/09/2020, Comments updated 15-0-1, Documents 10, Committee date 17/12/2020, Decision deadline 19/10/2020, Road, Map
20/06118/HSE Pending Decision
Tideswell Road
Erection of single/two storey front/side extension and single storey rear extension. Consultation ended 30/12/2020, Comments 1-0-0, Documents 6, Decision deadline 20/01/2021, Road, Map
20/01891/FUL Decided Refused / Pending Appeal
Upper Shirley Road
Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of a two storey building with accommodation in the roof space and basement level to provide 9 units with 9 car parking spaces, and associated cycle parking, refuse storage, amenity space and landscaping Comments 14-0-1, Documents 34, Decision deadline 27/06/2020, Road, Map
L5240/W/20/ 3257129 Pending Decision
Upper Shirley Road
Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of a two storey building with accommodation in the roof space and basement level to provide 9 units with 9 car parking spaces, and associated cycle parking, refuse storage, amenity space and landscaping. Appeal, Consultation ended 21/12/2020, Road, Map
Upper Shirley Road
Discharge of Conditions 3 (tree protection measures) and 10 (CLP) attached to planning permission ref. 20/03291/FUL for the demolition of existing building and erection of a two storey building with accommodation at both basement and roof levels to provide a total of 9 residential units with 6 car parking spaces, and associated cycle parking, refuse storage, outdoor amenity space and landscaping. Documents 6, Decision deadline 24/02/2021, Road, Map
20/02136/FUL Pending Decision
The Sandrock 152
Upper Shirley Road
Two storey side and rear extension to The Sandrock Public House to provide an enlarged service (including front seating area) to the existing pub (Sui Generis) and conversion of the upper floors including extension to form 4 flats and construction of a three storey building to the rear comprising 11 flats and 4 houses; hard and soft landscaping; communal/amenity/play space; car parking between the....
Consultation ended 16/07/2020, Narrative updated, Comments 122-0-0, Documents 67, Decision deadline 02/09/2020, Road, Map
20/02095/FUL Decided Refused / Pending Appeal
220 Wickham Road Croydon
West Way Gardens
Demolition of garage and construction of new chalet bungalow dwelling fronting West Way Gardens Documents 11, Decision deadline 03/08/2020, Road, Map
L5240/C/20/ 3263136
Wickham Road
Without planning permission the erection of a large additional single storey front extension across the frontage of 578-582. Appeal, Consultation ends 22/02/2021, Road, Map
19/02319/FUL Decided Refused / Pending Appeal
Wickham Road
Erection of single storey front restaurant extension along with outdoor seating area with retractable canopy Comments 8-0-132, Documents 11, Decision deadline 29/08/2019, Road, Map
20/05703/FUL Pending Decision
Wickham Road
Erection of a rear dormer window and front rooflights to facilitate a loft conversion. Consultation ended 04/12/2020, Documents 7, Decision deadline 31/12/2020, Road, Map
20/05952/FUL Pending Decision
Wickham Road
Demolition of existing garage, erection 1x one-bedroom single-storey detached dwellinghouse and associated car parking. Consultation ended 11/12/2020, Comments 1-1-0, Documents 7, Decision deadline 12/01/2021, Road, Map