SRA Planning Table

Updated 24/04/2019 at 06:15

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Ref Status Building Street Narrative Notes
19/00861/FUL Pending Decision
5 Selsdon Parade
Addington Road
Change from A2 to A3 Pie, Mash & Eel restaurant Consultation ended 31/03/2019, Comments updated 1-0-1, Documents 15, Postcode, Map
19/01072/LP Pending Decision
73 - 81
Addington Road
Installation of a ground source heat pump. Documents 7, Postcode, Map
18/05077/DISC Pending Decision
Rear Of 129-131
Addington Road
Discharge of conditions 2, 3, 4, 5, 9 and 10 attached to planning permission 18/02975/FUL for Erection of two storey building comprising 2 x two bedroom dwelling houses and 2 x one bedroom flats with associated cycle and refuse storage and landscaping Comments 2-0-0, Documents 13, Postcode, Map
18/04985/FUL Decided Granted
R/O 133
Addington Road
Demolition of existing storage garage and erection of two storey building with single storey rear element for B1/B8 use Comments 3-0-0, Documents 27, Postcode, Map
19/00517/CONR Decided Refused
152 - 154
Addington Road
Variation of Condition 3 of 97/01885/P to allow extended opening hours on Sundays to Thursdays between 0800hrs and 2330hrs and Fridays and Saturdays between 0800hrs and 0000hrs (midnight). Comments 1-0-0, Documents 3, Postcode, Map
Decided Granted
Land R/O 202
Addington Road
Erection of four storey building including basement comprising 2 residential units at first and second floor level, office at ground floor level and storage in basement and provision of associated parking
19/00820/FUL Pending Decision
Addington Road
Change of use from A1 to A1 and Sui Generis as a nail bar/beauty salon. Consultation ended 24/03/2019, Documents 5, Postcode, Map
18/05886/FUL Decided Refused
Addington Road
emolition of existing detached house and garage. Erection of a pair of three storey semi-detached dwellings with partial basement, formation of crossover and front parking area with turntable Comments updated 20-0-0, Documents 11, Postcode, Map
Arkwright Road
DISCHARGE OF CONDITIONS APPLICATION - Pursuant to Condition 2 (materials); Condition 3 (Details); Condition 6 (Hard and soft landscaping) and Condition 14 (Construction Logistics Plan attached to planning permission 18/00749/FUL for demolition of existing building: erection of a two storey building with accommodation in roofspace comprising 6 two bedroom and 1 three bedroom flats: formation of ass.... Documents 23, Postcode, Map
18/02441/DISC Pending Decision
Arkwright Road
Discharge of conditions 3, 6, 7 and 8 attached to planning permission 17/03916/FUL for the Demolition of existing building, erection of a two/three storey building with accommodation in roof space comprising 6 x two bedroom and 1 x three bedroom flats, formation of vehicular access and provision of 7 parking spaces, cycle and refuse storage and landscaping Comments 2-0-0, Documents 30, Postcode, Map
Arundel Avenue
Erection of a hip to gable roof extension, first floor side extension, single storey rear extension, associated alterations Consultation ends 11/05/2019, Documents 6, Postcode, Map
19/01382/CONR Pending Decision
Beech Way
Variation of condition 12 (existing trees not to be felled, lopped, topped or otherwise removed during the course of development) of permission ref: 17/04917/FUL dated 20.12.2017 (Erection of 3 four bedroom detached houses and 4 four bedroom semi detached houses with associated access and parking) to allow for the removal of trees T13 (Hazel), T27 (Hazel), T30 (Ash) and T31 (Ash) as specified in the Arboricultural Report (ref: ha/aiams1a/bw). Consultation ends 28/04/2019, Comments updated 2-2-1, Documents 2, Postcode, Map
19/00428/HSE Decided Granted
Beech Way
Erection of a single storey extension with terrace and steps to the rear. Documents 29, Postcode, Map
19/01138/FUL Pending Decision
Brent Road
Proposed single storey front, side and rear extension; and first floor side extension. Consultation ended 14/04/2019, Documents 19, Postcode, Map
Decided Granted
2 Elmpark Gardens South Croydon
Elm Park Gardens
Erection of a single storey front/side/rear extension, part conversion of existing dwelling to create 3 bed dwellinghouse with associated parking
Comments 11-0-0, Document # changed 8, Postcode, Map
19/00101/HSE Decided Granted
Ferns Close
Erection of a single storey rear/side extension. (Retrospective). Comments 0-1-0, Documents 8, Postcode, Map
19/01274/FUL Pending Decision
Foxearth Road
Erection of two bedroom attached house Consultation ended 20/04/2019, Documents 6, Postcode, Map
19/01498/FUL Pending Decision
Kingsway Avenue
Erection of attached 2 bed dwelling, provision of parking, cycle and refuse storage, associated alterations Consultation ends 27/04/2019, Comments updated 1-0-0, Documents 9, Postcode, Map
Decided Granted
Kingswood Way
Hazel and Beech Trees - Prune back over hanging foliage from pool by no more than 3m. (TPO no. 21, 1972)
Narrative updated, Document # changed 3, Postcode, Map
19/01294/HSE Pending Decision
Old Farleigh Road
Demolition of extisting porch and lean-to, and the erection of a single storey front/side/rear extension and a first floor side extension. Consultation ended 18/04/2019, Documents 4, Postcode, Map
18/05117/FUL Pending Decision
Old Farleigh Road
To demolish the existing bungalow and erect a terrace of 3x three bedroom houses with shared access and drive way using the existing entrance from old Farleigh road and 2x one bedroom house to the rear accessed from Mapleleaf close. Consultation ended 12/12/2018, Comments 22-0-0, Documents 20, Postcode, Map
19/00543/FUL Pending Decision
Land Adjoining 46
Quail Gardens
Erection of 15 x three bedroom terraced houses. Provision of vehicular access, access road and associated works including car/cycle parking, refuse storage and landscaping Consultation ended 08/03/2019, Comments updated 147-1-1, Documents 31, Postcode, Map
Decided Granted
Sandpiper Road
The demolition of the existing garage and the construction of a new single storey garage.
19/01742/TRE Pending Decision
Suffield Close
Crown lift T1: Oak to 5 metres from Ground Level. (TPO no. 104) Documents 1, Postcode, Map
19/01186/TRE Pending Decision
6 Kersey Drive South Croydon
Suffield Close
T1: Eucalyptus - Fell. (TPO no. 104) Documents 1, Postcode, Map
19/01222/DISC Pending Decision
Upper Selsdon Road
Discharge of conditions 2,3 and 6 attached to planning permission for the Erection of detached two storey 3 bedroom house adjacent to the existing house at 53 Upper Selsdon Road with vehicular access fronting Arundel Avenue and provision of 2 car parking spaces and associated bin and cycle stores Documents 3, Postcode, Map