All Goldfinch Road

Ref Status Building Street Narrative Notes
16/06225/HSE Decided Granted
Goldfinch Road
Erection of single storey front/rear extension and two storey side extension Map
20/06304/TRE Decided Granted
Goldfinch Road
T1 Birch - To reduce crown height by 2m and reduce radial spread by 1m (Reason - Compression fork at 2m Decay pockets at 4m). (TPO no. 50, 2009 & TPO no.16, 1971) Map
18/00311/LP Decided Lawful-Accepted
Goldfinch Road
Single storey side extension Map
17/02046/HSE Decided Granted
Goldfinch Road
Erection of first floor side extensions Map
16/00372/P Decided Refused
Goldfinch Road
Alterations and use of garage as habitable room ; erection of two storey/first floor side extension Map
19/04006/HSE Decided Granted
Goldfinch Road
Construction of an infill single-storey extension to the front and an infill single-storey extension to the rear. Map
19/02073/HSE Decided Granted
Goldfinch Road
Construction of a front porch extension. Enlargement and conversion of the existing garage into a habitable room. Map
16/01612/P Decided Granted
Goldfinch Road
Alterations; erection of attached garage Map