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SERA Planning Table

Updated 01/08/2020 at 07:24

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Ref Status Building Street Narrative Notes
20/01776/FUL Pending Decision
Craignish Avenue
Use of dwelling as HMO for 8 persons (Sui-Generis) (Amended Description). Consultation ended 25/06/2020, Comments 4-0-0, Documents 3, Decision deadline 24/06/2020, Road, Map
20/02489/FUL Pending Decision
Craignish Avenue
Change of use from C3 (8-bed dwellinghouse) to Sui Generis (8-bed HMO), with alterations to rear extension and construction of dormer window to rear roof slope. Consultation ended 19/07/2020, Comments 0-1-0, Documents 14, Decision deadline 11/08/2020, Road, Map
20/02656/FUL Pending Decision
Land Adjoining 1
Dunbar Avenue
Demolition of detached garage and erection of a two-storey two-bedroom dwelling with accomodation in the roofspace. Consultation ended 30/07/2020, Comments updated 5-0-0, Documents 7, Decision deadline 17/08/2020, Road, Map
20/02426/GPDO Decided Refused
Dunbar Avenue
Erection of a single storey rear extension projecting out 4 metres from the rear wall of the original house with a height to the eaves of 3 metres and a maximum height of 3.5 metres Comments 2-0-0, Documents 8, Road, Map
Decided Refused
1124 - 1126 And 1126A
London Road
Demolition of buildings to rear, alterations to building fronting London Road and erection four storey building accommodating 7 x flats, assembly/leisure use (Class D2) and retail use (Class A1) and associated car parking, cycle parking and refuse storage
Comments 5-0-0, Document # changed 22, Road, Map
London Road
Installation of roof top upgrade and associated works Documents 2, Decision deadline 17/08/2020, Road, Map
London Road
Change of use from residential dwelling (C3) to HMO (C4)
Consultation ends 27/08/2020, Document # changed 6, Decision deadline 19/09/2020, Road, Map
Decided Granted
London Road
Alterations, including a proposed single storey rear extension with flat roof to ground floor shop.
Decided No Objection
Windsor House 1270
London Road
The removal of 3No. existing antennas and 2No dummy antennas. The addition of 6No new antennas and ancillary equipment including, but not limited to RRU's, GPS unit and development thereto. Documents 7, Road, Map
19/05947/CONR Pending Decision
Melrose Avenue
Approval of details for Condition 1 of planning permission 07/04167/P Documents 3, Decision deadline 19/06/2020, Road, Map
20/00675/DISC Pending Decision
Melrose Avenue
Discharge of Condition 3 (Drainage), Condition 4 (Landscaping) and Condition 5 (Parking) of planning application reference: 17/05755/FUL (Alterations; demolition of existing garage and rear extension; erection of rear extension to existing building; and erection of a new attached two storey building with accommodation in the roof space comprising 1 one bedroom flat and 1 two bedroom flat). Documents 2, Decision deadline 04/05/2020, Road, Map
20/02652/GPDO Pending Decision
Melrose Avenue
Erection of a single storey rear extension projecting out 3.9 metres from the rear wall of the original house with a height to the eaves of 2.71 metres and a maximum height of 3.8 metres Consultation ended 16/07/2020, Documents 11, Decision deadline 04/08/2020, Road, Map
19/03926/FUL Pending Decision
Norbury Avenue
Alterations, installation of windows and conversion of single dwelling to 3 x 2 bedroom flats and 1 x 3 bedroom flat with associated landscaping and refuse storage Consultation ended 25/09/2019, Documents 10, Decision deadline 15/10/2019, Outside of main area, Map
Norbury Crescent
Details pursuant to the discharge of condition 4 (landscaping, bins and balconies) of planning permission 19/06018/FUL for 'Conversion of the house into 3no flats involving rear ground floor, first floor and roof extensions' Documents 8, Decision deadline 10/09/2020, Road, Map
19/04788/HSE Pending Decision
Norbury Crescent
Demolition and erection of an outbuilding Consultation ended 13/11/2019, Comments 7-1-1, Documents 9, Committee date 16/07/2020, Decision deadline 04/12/2019, Road, Map
20/02689/FUL Pending Decision
Norbury Crescent
Erection of single storey rear extension Consultation ended 30/07/2020, Comments 0-1-0, Documents 6, Decision deadline 24/08/2020, Road, Map
20/03042/GPDO Pending Decision
Norbury Crescent
Erection of a single storey rear extension projecting out 6 metres from the rear wall of the original house with a height to the eaves of 2.65 metres and a maximum height of 3 metres Consultation ends 09/08/2020, Documents 3, Decision deadline 25/08/2020, Road, Map
20/02611/GPDO Pending Decision
Eastern House 2A
Norbury Crescent
Change of use of site from Office (B1a) to Residential (C3) to create 4 residential flats. Consultation ended 29/07/2020, Comments 1-0-0, Documents 16, Decision deadline 14/08/2020, Road, Map
19/06051/FUL Pending Decision
The Mews
Norbury Crescent
Alterations to the building approved under 18/01433/CONR including the erection of an additional floor to create a part three storey building, use of first and second floor as 6 flats with A3 and A4 uses at ground floor and associated landscaping. Consultation ended 06/03/2020, Comments 0-0-1, Documents 30, Decision deadline 06/04/2020, Road, Map